Thursday, February 17, 2011

We almost had the day made!

This day showed so much promise! There was sun! There was wind!
It was so warm that I had to take a picture of my feet, just as proof.
If you thought I was kidding about the purple sparkly nail polish you are feeling bad for not believing your trustworthy Tapper about now.
Oh yeah, I have fuzzy flip flops. I really have no explanation for this. Sometimes life is truly mysterious.

I went for a jog this morning. I was going to post the picture but I am too good of a friend to myself to do that. It was bad. Super embarrassing, ugly bad. Maybe because I haven't jogged in four months and I was very close to puking by the time I stumbled home.
It'll get better. I'll acclimate eventually.

I read to the Cowgirl's class at school and felt kind of like a book-reading mother rock star. They were totally smitten with my superb use of cheesy accents.

The Dancer and I grabbed a basket and picked up all the spiky balls in our yard. If you have a sweet gum tree you know exactly what I am talking about. We are chopping the darn thing down this year. We warned it that there would be consequences if it threw little tree bombs into our yard again, but it didn't listen. What choice do we have?
Then a friend I haven't seen since High School came over to play. We gabbed and gossipped until it was time to leave for riding lessons at the barn.
I was all over this day. I even folded laundry on the driveway.
Oh, yes I did! It was warm and I am just a dangerous rebel.

And then, at the last moment, our crisis came.
Five minutes before the Cowgirl's lesson was supposed to end a dog decided to taste my Dancer.
Right in the face.
Completely unprovoked. He actually bit the inside of her lip! She was bleeding and shaking and crying and kept saying, "Two dogs bit me!"
Which is the sad truth.
This is the second time she has been bitten in the face without doing anything wrong. Both times she reached out and gently touched a dog's head and got the godzilla treatment.
At least this time wasn't as bad as last time. There are no bruises.
And both times the dogs were family dogs who had never bitten anyone.
So the Artist and I are scratching our heads. We know she has big eyes and a little head and she's small. Does she look like prey to them? Do her big unblinking eyes challenge them somehow? Does our child smell like a coyote? What is it????I couldn't get her lip down enough to show all the damage, but he broke the skin in about four places.
We almost did it. We almost made it to the end of the day with no catastrophes. We were almost feeling pretty good about ourselves there.
But I will leave you with the Dancer's words.
"I'm okay now. I'm okay. It's just hurting because two dogs always bite me!"
Yeah, some days feel like that.

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  1. Juliette,

    We're SO sorry you got bitten by another doggie! That is scary, but you were SO brave! You tell those doggies that your Uncle Jeffy is a policeman and that they MUST be nice from now on or he'll have to come and arrest them!

    jeffy, aby, capri, rome, sable, & oz