Thursday, February 3, 2011

Confessions! A little luxury

I am writing this on my laptop while the Dancer fixes my hair. I think I have about 17 clips in my tresses and a few bruises on my skull, but I will persevere and write on!
Today's question is:

What little luxuries make a big difference in your life?

I didn't even have to think for one second to come up with my first answer. It's this!

A hot bath is a little luxury that is really important around here. When we bought this home the inspector looked at the bathtub and declared, "They're just ornamental. Most people only use them once and then forget about them."
Ha! Double Ha!
I only use mine once... a day.
I never take naps. I take a thirty minute bath instead. Do you know what people in the past would have given to submerge themselves in clean, hot water? Let it never be said that I take this luxury for granted.

Next is sprinkles on ice cream. I pulled out some ice cream to eat last night and I realized that I didn't even want ice cream. I just wanted to feel those crunchy little sprinkles against my tongue. Seriously, don't they make ice cream so much more exciting?

Third, anything that smells like lilacs. Let's make a distinction here. Lilacs, not lavender. Both flowers, both purple, but not even in the same smell league. Lilacs smell like heaven.

Fourth, a good book. Every book that I like has been read to death. I read my favorites every year. Sometimes more than once a year. It is hard for me to find a book that I love enough to add to that list, so when I do I am ecstatic. By the way, for visual interest I am including a photo of what my books look like.

I read them to the point of disintegration. The covers fall off. The bindings split. The pages are covered in water spots and chocolate. And I love them better for it. I love my books the way the little boy loved the Velveteen Rabbit - to pieces. (I am so sorry, Jungle Jane. I know this horrifies you since you never even open your books all the way up to avoid creasing the spine. Just turn away!)

I am also a sucker for freshly laundered sheets, comfortable pajamas, socks that have built-in arch support (that is the technical term for that little section right in the middle that gives your foot a hug), and a great hair straightener.

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  1. ALL great things. Hmmm...I think I may postpone my nap today and go jump in a bubble bath instead :)