Saturday, February 19, 2011

Confessions! What floats my boat.

We went on a morning date today! That was an experience. The babysitter came over at 10 and the Artist and I ran all over the city looking for new ways to express our awesomeness. :) (You should know by now that I am joking, but just in case I will give you a smiley face as a hint)
We hit the tile store where we drooled over corrugated glass and stainless steel and stacked stone. Then the nice employee handed us a hanky and asked us not to drip all over the samples because the one we liked was $57 a square foot!!! If you ever come to my house try to refrain from asking why we only have two feet of backsplash. We'll just add a foot a month. In about twelve years our kitchen will blow your mind! :)
So I have to write fast because we are taking the girls to a Dr. Suess musical tonight so this is my only quiet moment of the day.
The question of the day is:

What sort of people are you attracted to?

The awesome ones, obviously!
You see the people I surround myself with. They are incredible. So I am looking for one common thread of incredibleness that they all have in common.
It's not age. (I almost kissed an old woman in the home store today. I'm not kidding. The compulsion came and I stopped myself but she was so short and her hair was dyed a valiant black, like she wasn't going down without a fight and a hair stylist. I sort of fell in love with her.)
It's not humor. (I love dry humor. The dryer the better. And if they don't know they're being funny - well, that's priceless.) I have friends who are very energetic and others who are very calm and poised.
It's not education level. One of my favorite friends hasn't even hit preschool yet.
It's not socio-economics. I have friends from the Louisiana ghettos and others who live in mansions. That's not it, either.
It's not faith. There's no religious litmus test here. I'm as Mormon as they get (Heaven forbid someone think I downplay my faith - it is everything to me) but it doesn't limit whom I love.
It expands it to include everyone.
So I think I see one thing they all have in common. I think it is sincerity. I am attracted to genuine, sincere people. They can be sincerely serious, or sincerely hilarious or sincerely bright or clumsy or clueless. Take your pick.
If I can look at someone and know that what I see is what I get, then I can trust them.
And if you can trust a person you can get to know them.
And my overriding experience in life is that if you can really know a person, you can love them.

It is a gift, while we are walking this long and confusing road of life to know that a few people will appear at our side, take our hands and walk with us for a while. Sometimes, right to the very end. And they will make us laugh, or think, or hope or try.
I am attracted to those people. My people. I know them when I see them. They're the good ones.

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