Monday, February 7, 2011

I married him for so many reasons

In the three minutes that the Cowgirl was standing in the freezing cold, the Artist was able to get about fifty photos, all this beautiful or more!
which made me think of his many and varied talents.
Quick run down of why I married this man:
1. He never leaves his socks on the floor (I know you can't hear me so I will tell you that I'm not being sarcastic, but if you want to hear the knock-you-off-your-caboose-funniest story about this, talk to me. I'm making that little phone sign with my fingers and holding it up to my face like it's 1988.)
2. Just when everyone thought they had him figured out, he bought a motorcycle.
3. He can make anything out of the materials at the hardware store - including art. Because of him my home is covered in beautiful things like this:

4. He's can grab two princess and dash them to safety before dinnertime.

5. He misspells everything. I find this a great comic relief in life. (think "Little Mirmaid" or "I wouldn't traid you for anything") I actually sit around, hoping he will write something on a slip of paper just so I can chuckle. (this is not cruel because he is a computer, mechanical, mathmatical genius and I don't know how to open a file on a computer. He gets revenge anytime I must do anything more than Google something)

6. He is proof that I am brilliant. (When you marry someone this good, you feel like a genius every day.)

7. He laughs at movies that are supposed to be romantic. He makes fun of poetry. He makes fun of me. From him I learn that only the serious things are serious. The rest is fair game.

So- game on!

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