Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day - take two!

Today is going so much better! We just had to have a rotten snow day dress rehearsal, I suppose.
The girls and I packed a picnic and after leading them on a strenuous journey through our entire floor plan we arrived at our destination - a blanket in the kitchen. I am fighting hard to win back the title of "fun parent" but the Artist gave me some tough competition last night with his laser games.
The Artist finished his homework, I mean the Cowgirl's homework this morning. Everyone in the second grade must make a math game to play at indoor recess (guess they're having a lot of those this year) so our family made a game out of a Jenga tower. They must realize that this project is 90% parental effort, 10% student effort and 5% busy work. (Yes, I see the irony.) We've been battling the cold by soaking in the jacuzzi and taking turns in the best seat of the house. I think I need an entire post about that chair. We call it The Chair. I'll introduce you to her later. She is one sweet little piece of furniture.

Back to the snow - We have not tackled the driveway yet. We have drifts almost three feet high. I told the Artist that I could hire a snowplow for $25. Heaven knows I'm not spending our weekly budget at any stores today! And Heaven doubly knows that I am not going to touch that mountain of white stuff.
The Artist insists that he will just do it himself after work. When every muscle in his body is throbbing in pain tonight I will remind him that his pride is as strong and healthy as ever.
I might even cave and give him a back rub.
After I say "I told you so."

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  1. It's only $25? And he still wants to do it himself? How did that go?