Rules of This Blog

Rule Numero Uno:
I try not to bore you. This includes giving you stats on my children's weight, dietary preferences or full length home movies of my children playing in the snow.

Rule Number Two (I got tired of the Spanish thing):
I write every day. This comes dangerously close to breaking rule number one because the chances that I can stay witty and insightful dim with time. I'll chance it.
I will try really, really hard to write. I just kind of overestimated myself there.

Rule Number Three:
I tell the truth. To the best of my recollection.

Rule Number Four:
You do not expect me to be talented in arts, crafts, sewing, knitting, looming rugs, carving wood or anything else that requires skill or patience.

Rule Number Five:
If you are cool with the first four rules, let's roll.