Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Snowday in the Life of Tapper

As promised the snow made its grand entry this morning. This is the world from my window today.

So . . . snow days.

I really like them in theory. In theory you sleep in. In theory your daughter's alarm does not go off at 6:45. In theory you do not drive across the blizzard during rush hour to return the borrowed sleds you should have returned a week ago. In theory everyone cuddles up and drinks hot cocoa and generally revels in familial love.

Theories are for scientists! I am a mother. I must deal in facts. I like the idea of lazy days, but not the execution. I am a little sick of Barbie movies and online window shopping and watching Egypt disintegrate on the news. I want to curl up with a book, but I am always desperately needed as soon as I sit down. The cowgirl declared the day "boring" and I once again felt sorry that she got stuck with me instead of my sis-in-law, the Crafter, who is probably throwing an elaborate snow party for her children right now, complete with crepes shaped like snowflakes and icicle tiaras. Or my sis, Jungle Jane, who can now knit hip scarves that look like... well, like I didn't knit them. Her child will now always look like an Etsy poster boy on snow days.
So far my short list of accomplishments include:
2.5 minutes outside with the Cowgirl and the Dancer before I surrendered to the cold.
A dozen cookies (store bought dough)
Laundered sheets ( and an unfolded load of clean clothes)
And tapping out these brief sentences.

Cyber sigh. Snow day.


  1. Wow, "icicle tiaras" - those WOULD have been impressive!

    We didn't throw any parties but we did throw ourselves into the blizzard and brave the streets to make it to. . . McDonalds.

    Of course.

    luvs, aby

  2. Jungle Jane? Nice. TJ can't wait to see what his nickname is going to be.

  3. I'm all about store bought dough! Less dishes to wash and it goes so much faster!