Monday, February 14, 2011

Confessions! Love Secrets for Valentine's Day

Awww... that is the Artist and me in sixth grade. We sat next to each other in band that year. How could we have ever imagined we would spend forever and ever together? Back then we just wondered what cookies were in the cafeteria that day.

Absolutely must make a Valentine's Day confession today.
So the question of the day is:

What is the secret to love?

Easy breezy. He worships the ground I walk on, showers me in gifts and I love it.
Oh, you want me to talk about my life?
Gotcha. Let me edit then.

The secret to love (as I know it) is learning to laugh when the dishwasher force field defeats my husband yet again. There are constant and fierce battles, but somehow the dishwasher usually conquers. I must learn to think this is funny and "delightful".

The secret to love is accepting the fact that I complain when he doesn't compliment me and then argue with him when he does! The Artist must learn to find this "quaint" and "charming."

The secret to my love is shutting up when saying it wouldn't help anything.

The real secret to my love, and I think any love, is taking care of each other. As long as two people are truly trying to take care of one another, I can't see how things could get very far off track. After thirteen years of loving this sweet man I know that my main goal when I wake up every morning is to find some way to take care of him. I keep my elbows up, knees bent, hands together - fending off the blows the world tries to strike at him.
He circles his arms around me, making sure the cold winds of disappointment and sorrow don't cut all the way through me.
And when we can't protect each other we offer one another a safe place to tend to our wounds and hear comforting words.

And we just take care of each other.
That's all.
It's not very profound or complicated, but it's the motto of our marriage.
That and the mantra we repeat on really bad days: Someday we will go to Hawaii without the kids! I can taste the pineapple now.

High School Graduation.

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  1. Love the old pics, so great! It's weird, I've always referred to Jon & Katie as being high school sweethearts. But I've never said that about you and Justin. I don't know why! When I said it to Jeff he said, "yeah, I guess they were". We're such lame-o's. Wait, how do you spell lame-o? And how do you add an "s"??!!

    luvs, aby