Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Solemn Vow

I'm not talking about marriage. I am talking about my solemn vow never to spend three paragraphs telling you the boring details of a boring day. I take this promise seriously. I will just hit the absurd, profound, silly and important.
Today's post definitely falls under the important category. There come those pivotal moments in a mother's relationship with her daughters where she must impart her wisdom.
We braved the -9 degree temps today to jump off some of our cabin fever at Monkey Business. (If I believed in purgatory I would picture it with inflatable slides, coin operated rides and loud music.)
While there we stopped jumping long enough to enjoy a picnic lunch, where I deemed it time to pass on my sage inspiration.
I taught them about fruit snack smash.
I've never revealed this practice to the western world before, but Great Value Smile fruit snacks always taste better when you take two different flavors and knead them together. Grape and Cherry make the most satisfying mix, but grape and lemon is a close contender.

The cowgirl converted quickly and showed great prowess for a novice.
Even little Dancer has now adopted the practice.
It's a proud day.

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