The Plot

Boy meets girl. Girl marries boy. Girl and boy graduate college and have two little girls. Boy is seriously outnumbered. 
Boy, Girl, Girl and Girl move to Kansas and boy says we can't get a cat. Girls keep asking.
Boy and girl figure it out as they go and love it!

Okay, this is not a how-to manual. You will not see pictures of my impressive crafts or latest projects. I'm under-qualified to show anyone else how to be crafty.

This is a little bit history (I sneak it in here and there), a dash of gossip (I make a lot of confessions!), a big chunk of comedy (because, face it, we make a funny joke), with an overall flavor of inspiration (because when it all comes down to the important things, the important things are my faith and my family).

This is not "reality" T.V. (involuntary shudder) I won't clean my kitchen before I shoot a picture. I won't stage myself to look better than I am. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

And maybe, more than anything, under all the jokes and musings and ramblings, this is a love letter to life.

Life, I love you! You stink and you're hard and you're not fair and sometimes we get a 70 degree day in February and sometimes a moose is albino and I love you for all your surprises and loveliness and lessons.