I am Tapper.
Tapper's Husband: The Artist
Tapper's oldest daughter: The Cowgirl
Tapper's youngest daughter: the Dancer


Tapper's Mother: The Party Cracker (Not as in a Saltine. The party favors that make a lot of noise, and shower you in ... unique .... gifts)
Tapper's Father: Mr. Trivia. (He knows everything. Except computers. For computer questions he calls the Artist. Frequently. That's okay, Dad. We love you.)


The Manager (big sis) ---  married to Mr. Nice and mother to the Doc and MacGyver.

Rockefeller (oldest brother)--- married to the Bombshell and father to the Heartbreaker, the Surfer and Speedy Gonzales.

 Rocky (older brother) ---married to the Crafter and father to Drama Queen, Fabio, Cutie and the Wiz.

Jungle Jane (little sis) --- married to Iron Man and mother to Lady's Man.

Besties -   (I will add to this list as friends are mentioned in the blog)
The Life Raft - my unsinkable friend who works hard and holds her family (and me!) together
The Inspired One - my designer and artist friend who makes us laugh

The Shepherdess - my friend with a flock of little ones who herds us all along calmly (somehow!)