Friday, February 25, 2011

Love, Dancer

Dear Amazingly Gullible Mommy,
Sorry I was a little cranky yesterday when sissy was sick. I was feeling left out because you were carrying her up the stairs and she got to shake a tambourine whenever she wanted something and you let her have strawberry medicine and you wouldn't let her share it with me.
Which is very bad and mean and not nice.
But today I woke up feeling not very good. I definitely hurt somewhere.
Oh, mostly different places.
And I am pretty sick. I sneezed and I caught the hiccups.
As soon as I am done playing with my castle I will need a bed on the floor and maple oatmeal and strawberry milk since you won't give me the strawberry medicine.
And I cannot go on errands with you because the grocery store hurts my head.
Unless you buy me a candy necklace and a coloring book and then I might feel a little bit better.
When I am done writing this please carry me upstairs and let me watch a Barbie movie in my bed with a tambourine.
Thank you.

P.S. thank you for letting me sleep next to you after I dreamed there was a spider on my back. Daddy wanted me to go back to bed, but Daddy doesn't understand about spiders.

P.P.S. Sorry I used up all of your expensive face lotion on my tummy after my bath yesterday. I thought it was Baby Magic. You can just buy some more. You have a credit card. Okay?

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