Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little blessings

It's the Sabbath day today. I just can't make myself be sassy or silly on Sundays. Once a week I have to indulge my softer side.
It's funny how off track I can get in one week. I pray every day. I read the scriptures every day. I talk to my family and friends about God every day. But still, it takes church to get my head firmly lodged in place every week.
I told the Artist this morning that I never notice how crooked I am until I go to church and get straightened up. Every person plodding and dodging and ducking through those bustling halls is like a spiritual chiropractor. Their words, their smiles, their testimonies and their faith make me stand taller and straighter. I remember what I am striving for as I watch the examples of others striving with me.
Isn't it beautiful that we are all called to be healers to each other? The whole need no physician, but who is truly whole? We all have aches of the soul and pains of the mind that are bound up and mended as we share the gospel together.
Yesterday we were on a family date for Valentines Day and driving down the highway. All of a sudden there were brake lights and cars swerving to the shoulder. We swerved also and came to a safe stop on the shoulder right behind a little car that could not stop in time and went into the snowy ditch.
The Artist jumped out of the car to help push the car out of the ditch. Simultaneously, another man hopped out of his truck to do the same thing. Big smiles as we recognized our friend from church. The two men went to the other car without a word and pushed him back onto the road.
It was so small. But of all the people on that highway it was two Mormon men who immediately went to help before anyone even asked.
My heart swelled with pride that I have a husband who would aid others without hesitation. I felt proud of our friend who made the exact same choice.
Would other good people of every faith have done the same thing? Of course. But I felt something special as I realized how fast those two men reacted. Our faith is not something we say or even feel, it is something we do. When you feel extremely thankful you feel extremely anxious to bless others.
It was a little moment in a ditch by the highway, but it might have been my favorite moment of the day.

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