Meet Tapper

So first things first.
Why the nickname Tapper?  
I chose this name because I didn't want to call myself the "wife" or the "mommy." I am, by the way, ecstatic to be a wife and a mother, but those words do not sum up the whole of my existence.
I wanted a name that didn't quickly define me as any one thing. Tapper just refers to the click of my keyboard because I am always writing something - a grocery list, an email, a thank-you note, a poem, a novel, a journal entry. Somehow it seemed fitting. And it's my blog so I can do what I want. (Whoops- spent too much time with the three year old this morning.)
Who is Tapper?
I am a thirty one year old woman with a degree in history and a minor in creative writing. I am an amateur cook, organizer, home decorator and writer.
In the summer I do some serious running and biking everyday, but in the winter I hibernate from exercise, get chubby, and miss my summer muscles.
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I think talking to God is like breathing - something that must be done constantly.
My favorite things are lightning bugs and butterflies and afternoons when the sky is so blue it is almost purple. I've never seen anything lovelier than a wheat field in the last rays of sun or cuter than a naked baby.
I love cats and tolerate dogs. I like mountains, but I love the ocean.
I am married to the best man I ever met, which makes me the luckiest girl I've ever met.
And I limp along through the ups and downs of life with smiles and scowls just like anyone else.
I fell in love with words somewhere between kindergarten and first grade, can still remember crying over my first word problem in math ("It's not a math problem!" sob, sob. "It's a story!"), and I think everyone has something very important to say.
I figure if I keep talking, I'll stumble across my contribution... someday.