Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day!

Okay, I think the guilt of being the least celebrate-y person I know is finally getting to me. All those years or saying, "Oh, yeah, it's Halloween tomorrow. Let's check the dress up box." or "You don't really have to wear green on St. Patricks Day. We are neither Irish, Catholic nor leprechauns." or "Dang it. Forgot about Valentines Day." is starting to make me sound like a scrooge.
I don't mind holidays, I just reserve the right to chill (how's that for a nineties word?) right through them.
The Artist and I save all our holiday cheer for Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July and President's Day. Actually, I lied about presidents day. I let that one slide.
But not this year! We are all over this Valentines day.
Last night we put the Dancer and the Cowgirl to bed, snuck downstairs and proceeded to make a large paper scrap pile as we cut and glued our own little Valentines for them. (My spellcheck says that snuck is not a word. If it is not a word can somebody please explain why I use it so frequently?!!)
It was really fun and when we finished we had this:
We left a vase of flower hearts and butterflies on the kitchen table, along with stickers and a card for them to discover in the morning.
Ten parent points for us!
Then to show me up the Artist made us all french toast while I was cleaning up the girls for the day. Then the table looked like this:
So then the Artist was ahead a good five points. Can't have that.
I hurried the Cowgirl back upstairs, told her to lose the boring jeans I had put her in twenty minutes earlier and she emerged like this:
A bonafide little valentine all ready to make those second grade hearts pitter patter.
So the score is even, the girls are happy and we are rockin' the love day.
Happy V Day!


  1. Yeah, sorry, the word is sneaked...sounds dumb, but that's the English language. Way to go for parent points...I'm also very non-celebrate-ie (not a word either!)

  2. Ahh glad you guys had a great day. My niece looked very cute! Happy v-day. :)

  3. Here's to celebrations!

    luvs, aby