Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Do It Tapper Style!

Linen Closets, Tapper Style.

So onward goes the spring cleaning. I had a feeling it was time to tackle the linen closet.
And by feeling I mean a shower of mismatched pillowcases and old sheets every time I attempted to put away towels.
So here are my personal guidelines for a linen closet.
1. Always have enough spare blankets and pillows for at least four guests.
2. With few exceptions like beach towels (because all beach towels must be loud and garish. That is the law of the universe) all my towels and sheets are pure white so I can bleach them. I know you can't see them in this picture. I was bleaching most of them.
I watched a Dateline about the new bedbug epidemic three years ago and I'm sort of bleach happy now. EWWWW! And yes, I know intellectually that you can't outrun dust mites, but I pretend that doesn't apply to me. I sometimes choose ignorance.
4. Keep one stack of "work" towels. These are for oil spills, puke and general grossness. Never mix up your snowy white, drying-off towels with puke towels. That just isn't right.
3. Keep a stack of old pillowcases from Goodwill that mean nothing to you in case the need arises for a good, old-fashioned sack race.
It happens.
4. If you don't use it, get rid of it. The only exception is if grandma knitted it herself. Then we keep it and don't use it. But seriously, grandmas are the only exception to the rule!

I cleared out a bulging trash bag full of blankets, curtains, sheets and towels. Now nothing falls on me or on my children. It no longer looks like a house ghoul made a nest of old blankets in the bottom of my closet. (I wish I could blame it on a house ghoul. It was the Cowgirl. It really looked like a human nest with an indention where she curled up and everything. Sort of scary.)
And speaking of her blanket nest, my girls love to hang out in the linen closet.
Yeah, well. Anyway. They do. The cowgirl put some glow in the dark stars in there because she thought it was soft, wonderful spot that need a little phosphorescent magic.
When I discovered this I decided not to yell about it. I decided to capitalize on it.
I've been needing to reclaim the Fun Parent Prize for a couple of weeks so while the Cowgirl was at school I one-upped her.
I saw her one set of glow-in-the-dark stars and raised her one glow-in-the-dark galaxy.
Don't say I was never fun.
This is how we do linen closets Tapper Style!


  1. So cute, Regina. I am giggling inside after reading your post. Thanks! I completely needed something to make me smile after the day I have had. And you DO win the fun mom prize:).

  2. My kids seem to gravitate towards small spaces and anything that lights up the dark. They would adore your linen closet. And WHERE did you get your galaxy?

  3. Ok your grandma rule is cracking me up! We have a few of those pillow cases and the ugliest yet softest quilt ever from our great grandma. We could never part with those!