Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Thank You Notes

Dear 'Lida,
Someone just called to say they are coming to my house in fifteen minutes. I haven't put away the breakfast dishes or put on make-up or fixed my hair. I have time to do one thing.
I'm writing this letter.
You deserve it more than I deserve blush and mascara.
You do something amazing.
The first time it might have been coincidence.
The second time it could have been a lucky guess.
The third time it was uncanny.
Now I kind of count on it.
What is it, you ask?
You have the eery ability to come out of nowhere and say exactly what I need to hear precisely when I need to hear it.
You've done it on three memorable occasions for me.
When I am down and full of self doubt you pull out the biggest, best compliment and shoot it straight into my heart like an immunization against loneliness and sadness.
And I remember them. Forever. Because they help me so much.
So my thank you is for much more than a few compliments. It's a thank you for living a life that is full of light and happiness and inspiration so when people need you, you are there.
My thank you is for being generous with your kindness.
My thank you is for being welcoming and open and warm.
My thank you is for your enthusiasm for life and your love of people.
My thank you is for the sincerity of your friendship.
I miss you now that you are living in the Pitt.
Someday you need to come back to the golden plains of Johnson County, okay?
I love you.
Thank you,

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  1. Wow! *tears* The funny thing is "Ms. Tapper" that YOU are the one who deserves the THANKS for always, always being there for me. You have been such an amazing example of me of Christ-like love and service. You are one of the best. <3 <3 <3