Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Confessions! Star Trek and fiddles

I wish all you cyber friends could have been at the Cowgirls horseback riding lesson last night. It was amazing! They raised her jump up to two feet and made it a long jump (that's where they put a board in front of and behind the jump to force the horse to jump longer- Hence the name.) She was just flying through the course. Every time she passed me she was either laughing or smiling and squinting her eyes in concentration as if she were thinking, "Just try to act up, Horse. I'm all over you." And she was. She was all over that horse. They made a great pair.

So I am behind on confessions. The question of the day is.....

What are a few things you can tell us about yourself that people have trouble believing?

I know my first answer because Jungle Jane still knits her eyebrows in confusion whenever the subject comes up as if she thinks I have been setting her up for a joke the last fifteen years and she is waiting for me to say, "I was totally kidding!"
I am a Trekkie.
The Artist and I watch all the old episodes of Star Trek, the Next Generation. It's our favorite Star Trek. But he did not get me started on it. I was a full blown Trekkie by the time we met. I've got a thing for Jean Luc Picard. Not a romantic thing. I just can't resist a British, Shakespearean, phlegmatic, humorless, Klingon-fighting, warp-speed flying, star ship captain who says, "Make it so." So Jungle Jane, it's not a joke. I really do love Star Trek. I hate Star Wars. You have to pick a team.

Second, I am a total pushover for a screaming fiddle. I mean smokin' strings, burn down the barn, knee slappin', boot stompin' fiddle. I listen almost exclusively to country music and the more fiddlin' they do, the better. People don't often guess my music preferences correctly. They put me somewhere between classical (I only love one classical song - one) and elevator music (I would rather the elevator plunge me to my death than listen to easy jazz.)

Third, I wish I could have been a ballerina. I honestly tried in my youth. I had grand visions. I am, unfortunately, not made of elastic. I was never flexible enough or strong enough (let alone skinny enough) to do anything great in ballet. But I wish and wish. I find ballet hypnotic in it's grace and beauty.
So there you have three little surprises about Tapper. Feel like we are getting to know each other better? Good. Now I have to go clean, but thanks for distracting me from the laundry for 30 minutes.

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