Thursday, March 17, 2011

Confessions! Swan dive

I won't be able to post for the next three days so I wanted to make sure I did a confession.
And this one is particularly hard for me.
I've told you every ridiculous folly that makes up ridiculous me, but today's question is:

What gifts and talents do you possess that are unique?

Now it should be easier to tell you that I am grand and wonderful than tell you that I am clumsy and silly and contradictory, right?
So what is wrong with me? Why is harder for me to do a nice dive for you instead of a belly flop?
Maybe I know that you aren't going to get a triple flip swan dive, so it feels silly to try to impress you with my five foot, head first technically sufficient dive.
Maybe when I'm belly flopping that is easier because you know that is not my absolute best.
You can imagine that I am being modest and I really have great things up my sleeve.
But what if I don't. What if my very best is just mediocre?
Ahhhh... there's the rub.
But in the spirit of honesty I will answer the question.
I have a few gifts that are not totally commonplace.
1. I am warm. I've never had a person say "I wanted to get to know you but you are just so distant and intimidating." Uh uh. I am easy to approach. I am inclusive. I want to put my arms out and pull in everyone.
2. I have a special relationship with words. I am no author. I am no genius. I'm not the Word Whisperer. There are no delusions of grandeur here. But words and I get along. They let me approach them and pet and stroke them. I can move them and they seem to obey and go where I want them to go. I can usually get words to say what I am feeling and I like the sound of them in my ears and on my tongue and shifting through my mind.
3. I have a love of history. I feel a strong draw to all people and places, regardless of differences in time, space, and culture. When I write about history, it doesn't feel distant anymore. At least not to me.
(Seriously, friends, this is hard. This isn't false modesty. It hurts your ears when you honk your own horn.)
4. I love to make things pretty. I love to decorate my home and decorate my children. I have an eye for minimalist design and how to blend industrial and natural pieces. That is my favorite.
5. I want to be good. I don't have temptations to rebel or walk the line. I don't need to push the limits. I have an obedient heart. (That doesn't mean I don't screw up. I mean, come on! It just means I don't do it on purpose.)
6. I am a good judge of character. Not flawless - but I think above average. Think about it - I knew that the Artist was world class when I was only 17. I knew it within a few weeks of knowing him. I get feelings about people and sometimes they prove to be off, but usually I can trust them.
I am going to stop now because this has to be boring (ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ) for you to listen to me applaud myself. I am so sorry.
To make up for it here is a ridiculous picture of me posing in the hat that my sister, Jungle Jane, knitted for me and gave me this weekend.
And when I post again I will tell you about the debacle that was my attempt to knit.
Splash goes the belly flop!
Have a great weekend, All!


  1. You could have done it if you weren't making fun of it the whole time. ;) You do MANY things very well, including capturing people & ideas with words. Genius I tell you! :)

  2. Can you bring your #4-ness to my house and make it look pretty? That's probably why I have boys...not so good at making things pretty. Anyway, what I really want to know is...where are you going that you won't be able to post for three days?!

  3. It's so good and refreshing to hear(read)you saying these lovely things about yourself. They haven't gone unnoticed in my book!