Friday, March 4, 2011

Tears for a Mouse?

If your child put on mouse ears you would not cry, right?

If your child dressed up like a mouse from head to foot you still wouldn't cry, right?

If your child dressed like a mouse and smiled and laughed and stood up straight you'd have dry eyes, right?

If your child dressed like a mouse and pretended to free a mighty lion from a net you are not getting misty, I'm sure.

If your child, dressed like a mouse, started singing about freeing said lion, that is still not tear-worthy, right?

But if your child did all that in front of 500 people?
Please pass the tissues.
After the heroic rescue of the lions, the lights went down, the spotlight focused and to my surprise (she never told me!) the Cowgirl was standing with the two other "mice" and they sang a beautiful melody:

I am little, You are grand,
but I lent a helping hand.
I made a promise, made a vow,
that I'd help you out somehow...

One speaker didn't show up for the play last night and the Cowgirl had to take his lines with only minutes to go to showtime. I asked the Cowgirl how she ended up with the extra lines and she replied softly, "Mrs. Knox said she could always count on me."

Amen, Mrs. Knox. Amen, to that.

I'll just grab another tissue now and laugh that mouse ears can reduce me to weeping.

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  1. way to go little mouse! She looks so pretty holding her flowers. It is so thrilling to see kids,esp. your own perform!