Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't you just love...

Don't you just love it (and by love, of course, I mean completely despise) how people on T.V. manage to cook in an esthetically pleasing way? There are matching glass bowls filled with pre-measured ingredients and even the darn measuring spoons are color-coordinated.
No boxes your kids helped rip open. No noodles strewn across the floor from kid's attempt to open box. No glops of sauce dropped in a perfect arch from your pot to your sink.
No clump of ricotta cheese that your daughter slid through with her sock and left a three foot skidmark on the wood floors. No ugly grocery bags wadded on the countertops.
Nope. They just get a small bowl of freshly chopped rutabaga that appears magically on their cutting board. Whatever the heliotrope rutabaga is!
Last night I looked at the war zone that I call lasagna (Oh yeah, they also have no forgetting lasagna noodles when they're making lasagna and having to go to the store while their mushrooms get limp) and wondered why I can't have my own cooking show where they hand me my ingredients in beautiful glass bowls.
Then I remembered the answer -
I would have to cook and be chipper and the same time.
Tough luck, Tapper.
Now go clean up that old cheese on the floor.

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