Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do I look skinnier?

It's that time of year. Windows are open. People are out and about.
Stopping by. Taking a gander. Eying your stuff.
Yep - Time to lose weight.
I buckled down and after a five hour workout this morning I lost about fifty pounds -
House weight, that is.
So I won't look any better in a bathing suit; I still feel a little skinnier inside. (You didn't seriously think I meant that stuff did you? Because I am a 31 year old housewife, people.)
When my home gets too chubby with unnecessary junk I start feeling the weight of it on my shoulders. And what woman in her right mind wants to lug around excess poundage?
And to top it off - this little pile is just from three closets. There are bags yet to go!
Look out, Housefat. I know you're cowering in the back of the kitchen cupboards and trying to look inconspicuous in the junk drawer. I've got my eye on you. (Two fingers from my eyeballs straight to the broken hair clips and misplaced tooth floss on my desk)
You're goin' down.

House diet starts today. Who's with me?


  1. your a funny gal! I need to start a house diet.....tomorrow.

  2. yeah, I need to stop buying other people's house fat at yard sales and eliminate some of my own!

  3. Ummmm, I am sad to tell you that I am morbidly obese! I could croak at any moment!

    Miss you!