Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today's question is:

Do you believe that people can truly change?

I hope so because if they can't I'm going to be wearing a poodle appliqued sweatsuit tomorrow and trying to get Angela to like me by bringing iridescent stickers to school and having the biggest pencil collection.
Of course, I believe people change. I watch it happen all the time. I've watched family members go from impatient, hot-tempered people to some of the most pleasant and calm humans you'd ever know.
I've watched bad habits that I battled for years finally fall to the wayside.
I've seen how the Artist's influence has molded and shaped my personality into something stronger and happier in the last thirteen years.
I've watched the cowgirl's life transition from a hideous, hideous babyhood to a beautiful childhood.
And isn't change the entire point?
Isn't that why we came?
If we leave this world just the way we arrived we wasted it.
We blew it.
If we can look back at our bad habits and our bad traits and our bad hair and our bad home decor and our bad wardrobes and say, "yikes!" then we know we're getting somewhere.
We're on a forward trajectory.
I don't believe in change.
I know it is real.
But it works both ways.
I've seen talents neglected and lost.
I've seen brilliant minds laid dormant.
I've seen good people spiral into lives of aimless waste.
We can change for the better or the worse.
Every time I walk into my bedroom and it is clean-
Every time I keep my mouth shut instead of blurting-
Every time I argue with someone without leaving the room in a huff-
Every time I answer a whine with a tolerant voice-
Then, yeah, I know that people change.

And every time I sneak a grape soda or get excited about Pop Rocks or scream when I see a spider-
I know some things keep on keepin' on.

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  1. I love your insights Tapper. I've asked that question many times.