Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet me in Saint Lou--eee, Lou-eee!

I'm back, my friends. I missed you!
Our family made a weekend trek out to St. Louis, which happens to be one of the most entertaining cities in the Midwest.
In 48 hours we managed to hit the zoo, the botanical gardens, the city museum, union station, a movie, several restaurants and of course, our hotel pool.
Despite all the fun, there was some hearty whining because that is how we roll.

Top Complaints heard in St. Louis:

My feet hurt
The red panda is hiding
I want water
I need a blue crayon
My feet really hurt
The fountain isn't turned on
I didn't get any noodles
There's water in my ear
I scratched myself
I broke my blue crayon
I can't reach it
There's a butterfly in my ear
My feet really, really hurt

But honestly, there was happiness in-between the tears. At the botanical garden the Artist and I held hands and ignored the sore feet complaints long enough to pretend that we were just strolling along, not a care in the world.
At the zoo carousel I got to see my daughters enjoy 150 seconds of true joy while I sat down.
And at the city museum (which is not a museum at all - it is an indescribable playground of massive proportions) we all had fun. You can't not have fun there.
So I am sorry for the extended silence. I am home. I am back.
I survived.
This vacation only knocked off about two months my of life, which is not bad. Last time we went to Florida I lost 10 months.
It's good to see that I am making progress.

Best Things in St. Louis:
Free zoo
Japanese Gardens
Going through the City Museum caves with flashlights
Not cooking a meal for three days
Not cleaning a room for three days
Not folding laundry for three days

You get the jist, right?

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  1. I really, really, really want to take the kids to St. Louis and have fun "Tapper Style" Every time you guys go there you have a blast and I've only been on lame St. Louis trips. (Well aside from the temple which is not lame at all...) I'm going to have you write me an agenda the next time I get the itch to go there. I don't know when that will be because our temple district is now Oklahoma and gas costs an arm, leg, and pony tail. Glad you're back, LOVE YOUR BLOG!