Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Do It Tapper Style!

How Tapper teaches her children to sit like proper, young ladies:

Admittedly, this train came derailed pretty early because we taught our girls that this was funny:
We are paying for that little stunt now because when they pull out this same trick in the middle of church we do not coo and clap. I scowl and snap and give them the finger (The Mom finger - come on, this is me, people! The mom finger is the sharp wave of the pointer finger, followed by a stern point at the floor to remind her that that is the direction her feet should be pointed)

So how do I get my girls not to show off their Tinkerbell underoos to the entire population of Kansas?

Well, first I start by instilling in them a sense of grace and decorum from a young age:

Then I make sure I am always an example of poise and charm:

Next I explain how important it is to sit "pretty" and not squirm:

So, did you notice?
The Dancer is really catching on.
She is only three and already she is sitting with ankles together and hands in her lap.
Ten mommy points! I am all over this thing.
We have made significant strides and I am feeling pretty close to calling this lesson a complete success.

Pretty close...

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