Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thank You Notes

Dear Hollyhock,

I do not have any other friend who can say they have been my pal and my voice teacher. You are the only person I ever could have attempted singing for because you are so gentle and compassionate. I knew that no matter how badly I croaked and groaned you would love me anyway. How you keep from rolling your eyes and cringing is a testament to your charitable nature.
I loved being your voice student. I mostly loved it when you showed me how to do it the right way. The music you make is lovely. I think I would have preferred to just sit and listen to you. I loved getting to indulge in a brand new hobby. I loved trying to improve myself in a new way. And I loved getting to my lesson early or staying late so we could talk and laugh and compare life notes. You have great life notes!
Do you remember how scared I was the first lesson? My voice was so soft it was practically squeaking and I was shaking so hard that my eyes teared up. Bless you for acting like everyone does that. Bless you for keeping a straight face when I tried to sound less like a wounded seagull.
Bless you for being a friend who I know will always agree with me and be indignant on my behalf when I am complaining.
I love your voice. I love your opinion. I love to hear your stories. I love the books you love. I love your children. I even love your dog. And I'm not a dog person at heart. Whatever you touch comes away better.
Including me.
Thank you.


  1. You made my day Tapper! You are seriously so sweet and I loved every minute of our lesson times. I am so grateful to have you as a friend! You are always so willing to give of yourself and I have really enjoyed all that you share on this blog!

  2. I think these Thursday Thank You's are cute and so random. :) Every night before bed, I get on my phone and check my google reader to see what new blog posts have been posted that day from the many that I follow...I love when I find a new "Tapper" post. You are so adorable Regina and your writing makes me smile. I've been keeping you all to myself on my reader but I added you to my blogroll now so EVERYONE can enjoy you ;)