Monday, March 28, 2011

Nooks and Crannies

Quick joke about that title. The Artist thinks we should invent a Nook carrier and call it the Cranny. I laughed all the way to the car when he mentioned that on our last date.
Because we are lame thirty-somethings who laugh at each others' jokes.
Yeah, we like it that way.

So you know I've been slowly and painfully trying to clean out my nooks and crannies. They are cluttered and disorganized and sometimes just pointless. There is no reason to keep a spool of carnival tickets in my desk.
(By the by, anyone need some tickets? Admit One. Very exciting)
I have a built in bookcase in my bedroom. It wasn't highly embarrassing. It just wasn't doing anything but holding odds and ends that didn't belong anywhere else.
How lazy suburbanite can I get?
So today, I put away all the chachskies (Help! I have no idea how to spell chachskies and spell check is clueless. It sounds Ukrainian to me. Or maybe Finnish. Or Bavarian. Anyone want to take a stab? Astound us with your knowledge, Blog Lurker.)
So I put away the stuff and went shopping. A bag of gummy bears, one hamburger and one sucker later (those were my bribes to keep the Dancer cooperative in the stores) I came home with some goodies.
Fifty dollars and two hours later:

My shelves are stylin' for spring. All the other shelves are feeling self-conscious and a little dowdy. Don't worry, darlin's- I'm working my way to ya.
A good decorator leaves no nook or cranny behind...

And neither will I.


  1. It's so lovely. I like the blue of your walls, too. I am happy for you and sad for me, because I know my shelves will never be so artistically spare. I am a lover of books, and every shelf I claim is crammed to the crannies.

  2. Lol! I feel silly even knowing this BUT I grew up in a prefominanty Jewish neighborhood in NYC and the term/spelling is Tchatchke. I'm such a nerd. P.S. The shelves look lovely

  3. very nice! one question: where do you put your books?! (I'm so not a decorator...)