Friday, April 1, 2011

Where are the .... books?

Okay, so Marie wants to know when my bookshelves looks like this:

Where exactly are the books?

Excellent question.
Books? I don't need no fancy books. I reckon I don't need no book learnin'.
Just kidding! We do own books.
We have built in shelves in our closets. Because I love books, but do not have a formal library where shelves of books look as beautiful as they are useful, I tuck my books out of view. Because you know what I do to my books, right? Remember? I love them to pieces. Like this:

Not exactly museum worthy.

In each of my daughter's closets I have hundreds of their favorite books for night time, and I've also put a chair in each closet to make a little book nook for when they want to be alone. Quiet. Thinking. Doesn't happen as often as I'd prefer, but I keep the option open.

So, the bookshelves get sculpture. The closet shelves get books. I know it begs the question. I can hear your brain from here, Jungle Jane.

If you keep books on your closet shelves, where do you keep your clothes?

- Clothes? We don't need no fancy clothes....

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