Saturday, April 9, 2011

To my gardening friend

Dear Gardener,
Thank you for coming over with three children in tow to give me advice on my flower beds. You pity me for my black thumb; My touch of death that comes to all things with roots and leaves.
You taught me about Zincas. Which is cool because I had never heard of that flower and it is really fun to say. I am sincerely looking forward to walking into a plant nursery and asking where the zincas are. I will say it like I really know what I am talking about.
But what I really wanted to say is that you are a great gardener. Not just for things with roots and leaves. You have about the prettiest crop of children I've ever seen.
You keep all five of them pruned and bright and lovely. Which is a feat. And your newest bloom is the squishiest, most kissable little blossom ever. The Dancer wants me to ask if we can keep her. I told her we can't but we will try to steal her now and then.
And it is weird to say, but I just have to because anyone who keeps five little children clean and happy and educated has no right to look as polished and pretty as you do. You are as lovely as your children and your flowerbeds. We were standing in my yard talking about tillers and mulch and I was mostly thinking, "how did she get her hair to curl like that? Why doesn't she have any stress lines? Does she know how cute she looks with that grinning baby slung over her hip like a chic accessory?"
No one gives a mom a medal for holding it all together day after day, but consider this post a little honorable mention. You are hauling in a great harvest of achievements.
And your hair really was adorable.

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  1. Hey! I just got caught up on my blog reading and now my ears are burning! I can't believe I spent all morning with you yesterday and didn't even know you had publicly praised my hair! I feel silly! Thanks for letting me dig in your dirt and talk your ear off. It was the highlight of my day.