Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Do It Tapper Style!

Bed Time
(also known as How to get your laundry in the toilet - Tapper Style.)

stick with me here for a minute, okay?

So we, like all of you, have a bedtime routine.
It starts with herding the children, and repeating orders with increasing threat levels until both of them are:

But lets admit - it gets hectic.
One is brushing and spitting while the other is tearing apart the closet looking for pajamas.
Or one is peeing while the other one is running for the laundry hampers like her life depends on it. (Maybe with the way I am scowling and pointing out that it took twenty three minutes to finish brushing, it does.)

And by the time we all manage to sit down for scripture reading and prayer- well ... we're working on it, okay?
But last night the Artist and I were tired with a capitol T. Family Home Evening almost killed us. So we all marched upstairs and I put the dancer in her nightgown and sent her to throw her clothes in the hamper and sent the Cowgirl to use the bathroom.

Can you see it now?

Are you getting there ahead of me?

So ten seconds later I hear, "WHAAAA," but it is not a I-hurt-myself whaaaa or a my-sister-took-my-toy whaaa. It is a whole new breed of whaaa. I am instantly interested and curious.
I stick my head into the hall and the Dancer comes to me spouting tears.
"What's wrong, babe?" I ask.
"I put my clothes in the potty!!!!"
Few things shock me as a parent anymore. I had to sit and process that. And then I burst out laughing and ran to see if it she really meant it.
Oh, she meant it.
In the confusion of running from sink to potty to closet to hampers she had deposited her clothes into my toilet.

At least she didn't pee in my hamper.....

So there you go -
Bed time Tapper Style.
I recommend you do not try this at home.


  1. LOL! I'm sorry for laughing, but this is too funny not to!

    Bedtime is always fun around here. Thankfully, none of my kids have ever thrown their clothes in the toilet. They have fallen in, but not their clothes.

  2. That's awesome. Glad you wrote it down so when she's older you have proof!

  3. You must really have the poor child flustered. lol, that's hilarious.

  4. Oh dear me. Children are full of new ways to do things the hard way. *sigh* On the up side, your toilet/bathroom are clean enough you don't mind taking a spontaneous photo and posting it on the Internet for all the world to see.