Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three Things I Am Looking Forward To:

When it comes to the Dancer, I thank my lucky stars. She is adorable. She is wonderful. She cracks me up. And sometimes she completely does me in.

Here are three things I am truly looking forward to, because I think they will be definite improvements to a pretty cool kid.

1. The concept of directional hearing. Dolphins are born with it. Bats get it. My child has no clue that you can use sound to gauge direction. As soon as I move from her line of sight I hear a shrill "Mama! Mama!"
I'm right here, I will tell her. As in right there. Five yards to her left.
She commences spinning in frantic circles. "Where?" She looks at the ceiling as if I finally confirmed her worst fear and morphed into a matter-less being that floats invisibly around the house.
Mother sigh.
Still waiting for that concept to grow in.

2. Accurate animal sounds. Sounds weird, I know, but right now she can't get the cat sound right. Instead of saying "Meow" she screeches, "Now! Now! Now!" all over the house. It is a very high, drawn out "Now!" that sounds like angry orphans are holding a strike.

Yep, that's her. Mid-"Now!" When I really can't stand it longer I always suggest we play bunnies.
Mmm hmmm. Bunnies. The cute, soundless critters.

3. Fashion sense.
Enough said.

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