Friday, April 29, 2011

Artistic Differences

I care about how a house looks.
I want every room to have a balance of polished and rugged, old and new, rustic and refined.
I placed a few shells on top of my glass living room table to help me decide exactly what I wanted to stage there. They were place holders.

But apparently, my daughters both noticed, and apparently, they disagreed with my artistic vision. My sense of proportion must have been off, because the next day I found my little vignette magically embellished.

To be honest, I barely noticed at that point.
But then fast forward twenty four hours to this:

The Artist pointed it out and said, "What is up with all the shells?"
And then tonight, the Artist and I really had a laugh over it.

I think they are adhering to the school of thought that more is more- push the envelope- and make a space look lived in.

I, myself, tend to more conservative principles of minimalism.

This is not a mess.

This is an artistic difference of opinion.

Or so I say.

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