Friday, April 22, 2011

The Unveiling!

How to do Countertops Tapper-Style

Day 1

1. An old truck pulls up looking like it has some scrap and trash in the back.

2. Men of few words silicone scrap pieces on our countertops. (Silicone makes entire house smell like vinegar) Men of Few words weight down scraps with our food storage until Silicone cures. (Hope food storage will not taste like vinegar)

3. Men of few words and old truck drive away and leave my kitchen looking like this:
Day 2

1. The Artist and I haul twenty boxes of beans and rice back down to the basement.

2. We pull and pry very sticky paper off of what looked like scraps in the truck.

3. We buff and shine new stainless steel counters.

4. We high five over our awesome originality. (not really, but in spirit)

5. We drool a little over the sink we got to design ourselves.

6. We install pretty faucet that doesn't spray.

7. We order new faucet. (It's in the mail.)

8. We start cleaning the fingerprints. ( this battle will never, ever end as long as we live here. We accept the challenge)

9. We imagine the finished product when the cabinets are white and glass and the backsplash is stone.

10. We realize that there is more work ahead of us than behind us.

11. I buy a groupon for smoothies and decide to take a bath.
P.S. I miss my microwave!


  1. Very pretty...but I do not envy the constant finger-print status of your home. Glad you like it though!

  2. very cool, friend! i love it!

  3. Looks amazing!!! Fingerprints schmingerprints.

  4. That. Is. AWESOME!!!! So, when are you going to invite us over for dinner...hint, hint :)