Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Do It Tapper Style!

Before you read a single word, let me make it plain that this is all coming from a woman who's dining room looks like this:(I can't put my under sink stuff back until the new faucet is in)

And whose chaotic desk is currently spawning butterflies ( I hope. They are currently four days overdue)So full disclosures aside this is how I De-Clutter Tapper-Style.

First Mantra: The more stuff you have, the less happy you will be.
I have no idea why this is true. It just is. To a point. I could grab a can of tuna and live in a loincloth in the wilderness and I would not be digging it. So let's say once you've met basic needs for comfort and beauty, the more you acquire, the unhappier you are. You must decide what your personal "basic needs" are.

So step one: Throw stuff away.

Second Mantra: If I have to think about when I might need it, I won't need it.

Step two: Throw stuff away.

Third Mantra: I will not be skinny enough to wear it. If I ever am, I will celebrate by buying something better.

Step three: Give reminders of skinniness away.

Fourth Mantra: This toy/accessory/ broken piece/ scrap of paper/unidentified object does not deserve my love and attention any longer.

Step Four: Throw stuff away.

Fifth Mantra: I am not destitute. If I need something in the future, I will most likely be able to save and obtain it. I do not need to store and hoard for future contingencies.

Step Five: Throw stuff away.

Sixth Mantra: I am not doing the world a favor by saving my old crappola. It is not wasteful to get rid of things I don't need.

Step Six: Throw the stuff away.

And my favorite, favorite
mantra invented by Jungle Jane, herself --
A uncluttered house may not always be clean, but it is never far from being clean.
There is nothing more appealing, more lovely, or more liberating than simplicity.
All you need to de-clutter Tapper Style is a very, very big trash can and a lot of mantras. Cookies also help. Not sure why, but it is proven. I think.


  1. Hi Tapper,

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  2. Okay, so I read this post way back when you put it up and I FINALLY got the motivation this week to pull out the trash bags and throw stuff away! Your house look like pristine heaven compared to mine, I am a junk collector, big time! anyway, I'm going to blog about my de cluttering and I hope you don't mind if I link to this post because this is what inspired me to finally dump the junk! Thank you!

  3. Welcome! It is great to have you. I'm so glad that you got inspired. Feel free to tell us if you have pics of your trash bags when you're done. I love to see a bulging bag leaving a beautiful, uncluttered house!!