Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh my goodness golly...

I am the worst blogger ever!
As I was crawling into my pajamas (It's technically 6 o'clock and that technically counts for evening, which is close to night time so pajamas count, so shush) when I realized that I forgot to document everything today! I forgot to take pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. Close to criminal.
Take my word for it that they looked very cute and vintage-y. Too bad the most important accessory is a smile. And too bad the Cowgirl was sick last week and missed rehearsal for the song the primary sang in church today. Too bad when they got to the second verse I saw this terrified pallor cross her face that clearly screamed "I had no idea there was a second verse." Too bad she was front and center and speechless. And too bad she broke into furious tears as soon as she got back to our pew and refused to raise her cute, crimped-hair head for the rest of sacrament meeting.
But after church we all relaxed for our traditional Easter dinner. We started the tradition three years ago of preparing a dinner with foods that are mentioned in the New Testament to remind us of the Savior's life and death. Instead of a spiral, honey ham (I've got nothing against spiral honey hams, by the way. You can send me one any old time) we prepared fish, flatbread, oil, vinegar, honey, grapes, grape juice, corn and two little cornish hens to remind of us of the two turtle doves that Mary and Joseph offered at the temple when Jesus was born.
We drape the table in a white cloth and use white cloth napkins and white dishes and as we eat we talk about the places in the scriptures where each food is mentioned. It is a special way to take the focus off the bunny and put it back on the Savior. (Our Easter bunny comes on Saturday and takes the Sabbath off to go to church). The Life Raft and her daughters came over to join us and we had a very nice afternoon.
Too bad I completely forgot to take a picture of our table or our meal. I got so distracted with hosting that I forgot about blogging. Will you take my word for it that it was simple and special?
And will you take my word for it that I have been in a pleasant mood all weekend and did not grumble all day yesterday?
I didn't think so.
We know each other so well.
Dang it.

But despite female hormones and ordinary life set-backs and bad moods, let me say in all honesty that I am very grateful for the Resurrection and the miracle of Easter.
It is a testament to Easter that the spirit of this special day can break through even my crustiest mood and touch the crustiest part of my heart.
It is impossible to stay selfish and grumpy when talking to your friends and children about the Savior's life. Impossible.
Happy Easter, friends.

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