Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confessions! Ask forgiveness, not permission.

Question of the Day:

What do you give yourself permission to do?

Today, the answer is nothing. Literally. I am mostly doing nothing. I hit one of those walls that you eventually run into when you try to be more awesome than you actually are. Every woman out there has face-planted into that wall, right? Big brick-shaped bruises smooshed into your cheeks? Welp, I've got 'em. And the only remedy I ever found is to stop running and do nothing.
I used to back up a step and just keep slamming into the same wall, over and over until I knocked myself out. Now I eat brownies with a spoon for breakfast and pull out a favorite book.
Because I know the drill. I will bow out of the game for one day and come back swinging tomorrow.
So what else do I give myself permission to do?
thinking....thinking...staring out the window....still thinking...
I give myself permission to ask for help. If you haven't tried this little trick, give it a go. It is wonderful. I pull out a red flag, wave my SOS and say, "help!" My girlfriends always come flocking and do it better than I ever could have.
I give myself permission to scream and do the boogie dance if a stinging bug flies close to me - even if I am in public. Because I am nobody's pin cushion.
When I am jogging and my lungs start to split open from exertion (one mile....okay, half a mile.) I give myself permission to speed walk. Because that much pain can't be helping anything.
I give myself permission to let my toddler fend off my attempts to dress her and brush her hair because I don't like losing to a shrimp. And I always do. As a result I often look like I am being followed by an orphan.
I give myself permission to ask interesting questions about people's feelings. Because I am nosy. I mean curious. I mean concerned.
I give myself permission to rock out to country songs in the car with my girls. Because it is fun.
I give myself permission to keep trying to get myself right. Because I am a work in progress. Or a fixer-upper. But I have lots of "charm" and "potential."

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