Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Thank You Notes

Dear Tigress,

Some people you grow into. You get used to them. You adapt.
And a few people you love from first sight. You love the sound of their voice. You love the clothes they wear. You love the way they gesture and laugh and think.
You are one of those few for me.
The first time we ever spoke you came up to me after a harrowing hour of church in a new ward. The Cowgirl has always been a.... free range child. She felt it her right to wander wherever her fat, toddler legs could take her. Up and down aisles. In and out of pews. Dancing to the more stirring hymns. I was red with embarrassment when you came up to me, chuckling like we were old friends, and said, "We are going to be good friends if your daughter keeps that up. She entertained me the whole time."
Good bye, embarrassed blush.
Good bye, frustration.
Hello, new friend.
You were so right. The more I've come to know you over the last seven years the more true those first words ring. You let me into your heart before I had a chance to earn it or deserve it.
I smile when I think of you. But that's nothing special. Everyone does. I have to step behind a whole queue of people who are lined up to be your best friend. Because you are so full of life.
I love your complaints just as much as I love your compliments. You just lay it out there. As pleasant and blunt and hilarious as you please.
Maybe after successfully raising five awesome children you don't have many reservations left. You've been there. You've done that. You've earned the right to say it. And when you say it, people listen. And if they don't, you truly don't care. I aspire to not care.
I just wanted you to know that I honestly admire your creativity, your resilience, your honesty, your courage, your strength, and your warmth.
Thanks for rooting through bargain bins with me. Thanks for leaving a place in your heart for me. Thanks for knowing that I would need you as a friend.


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