Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Do It Tapper Style!

I am running so behind today. About three hours ago I apparently decided to have a bad day. I am just too tired to muster any real enthusiasm for anything and I am currently making brownies because I super duper need them.
But it is Tuesday and I thought I should tell you how to hang a picture Tapper Style.
This one might actually require a little innate skill.
I'm not sure everyone can do it my way.
Case in point-
This is how the Artist hangs a picture:

Actually, not true. This is how the Artist prepares to hang a picture. If he could invent any more steps, I truly think he would. Because measure, pencil, take a picture of paper on wall, measure again, take another picture and check to see that the walls are level and the floor is level just doesn't seem to reassure him that the picture will be perfectly straight.
I, on the other hand, have a slightly different approach.
I grab a random nail of any size and swing a hammer over my shoulder and go in search of some unsuspecting wall. I usually like to whistle tunelessly while holding my tools because that is how the seven dwarves do it.
This scared the daylights out of the Artist when we first got married. He got one whiff of my sight and swing method and developed a sixth sense about when I had a tool in my hand.
He would come bounding into a room before I even took my initial swing and with a strained smile say, "Whaccha doin' honey?"
Now, after a decade of togetherness, his eyes just follow me across the room, but he doesn't say anything. Maybe a plaintive whimper, but no words.
Because (and I'm sure it drives him crazy) it works! If I have to hang two things, I have learned all his level, measure and pencil tricks, but if it is just one picture, I eyeball, squint and swing.
And presto.
It looks awesome.
Because deep down we all have some little reservoir of awesomeness.
Mine just surfaces when I have a hammer in my hand.
So grab a nail, take a swing, and see if you can hang Tapper Style.

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