Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Shocking Surprise

So I am a minuscule, little nobody, right?
I wrote a little story, shed some little tears, got a little (pretty big) stack of rejection letters, published the little thing myself and posted it on my little blog.
I linked it to my little group of friends on facebook.
Then I got the flu and played with my girls for four days.

And then... and then...
I opened my computer tonight and saw this when I clicked on Amazon best sellers in literary fiction:

Our wings may be very little, but they are strong enough, big enough, brave enough to lift us higher than we ever thought we'd go. My sincere hopes were that a couple hundred people would read this and not hate it.
My most sincere, befuddled, disbelieving, speechless, incoherent thanks.
To every person who took a chance on a little nobody and downloaded her little book, I hope my story brings you a little happiness.

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