Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Twenty Four Hours- Guess How Many Books...

To my amazing friends, fellow-bloggers and lurkers,
I send out a heartfelt shout of thanks!!!
Yesterday, thanks to your efforts, generosity, enthusiasm and general awesomeness, over 1000 people obtained a copy of On Little Wings!
You did this! Please keep passing along the word.

I have no words to tell you what every comment, download and purchase means to me. Thank you for believing I would say something right if I just kept writing. Here's to us underdogs!
Today, I feel like a top dog.
Not because of how many books went out, but because of how wonderful my friends truly are.
You all amaze me!


  1. I reviewed your book on goodreads. :) You deserve it Regina. You are one talented gal!

  2. When I first read your book last year, I raved about it, but I could tell you were thinking..."You're my have to say that!" Now that hundreds of people...even strangers are praising it so highly, I hope you realize it wasn't just a mom praise! I knew from the time you were 3 years old and the lady at the park asked you which tree you liked best and you said,"The deciduous ones in the fall"...that you were going to have a gift with words! I am one proud mom!