Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Same old...

Last night I could not sleep. Not even close. I tried. I turned out the lights. I breathed deep. I told my brain to shut up. My brain is annoying- you should try living with her in your head sometime.  :)

At about one o'clock when I was having a good look at the back of my eyelids and trying to convince myself that staring at eyelids counts as sleep, the Dancer hopped out of her bed to use the bathroom.
Before she could crawl back into her bed, I intercepted her and pulled her next to me, warm wiggly arms, silky hair and all. And then I put my lips against her smooth forehead, tried to match her little, puffy breaths with mine, wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep.
So it was only for two hours. It still helped.

Things are hectic here. My mind is racing. The artist and I are seriously distracted.
But at one o'clock in the morning, everything was just the same old, same old.
And that was the best part of my day.

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