Monday, January 9, 2012

I will try to be intelligible...

My brain is pretty foggy today.
I keep forgetting what I am doing.
I hang up  the phone and can't remember who I was talking to.
Early dementia? Maybe. But more likely it's just the shock.
I know this blog isn't about a book. It's about life.
So think of it this way - real life story- I wrote a book and since I tell you when my hair is frizzy and my house is messy and my children are lords of misrule, it stands to reason I would tell you how the little book thing went.
What doesn't stand to reason is how the little book thing went.
In the last twenty four hours On Little Wings:

1. rose to #1 for free literary fiction on amazon kindle.
2. rose to #32 in paid literary fiction on amazon kindle.
3. rose to #2 in hot new releases for all literary fiction on kindle
4. rose to the #1 slot for movers and shakers on all of amazon kindle.

Did you just wrinkle your nose and say, "How?" (That just reminded me of those Indians in Peter Pan- The ones who only said How)
Yeah, well I did, too.
No one on this swirling, twirling earth is more shocked than I am.
And I have absolutely no answer for you.
I am still in shock.
I am surprised I finished this post.
I'm going to quit while I'm ahead because I just used up every ounce of coherent conversation that I had.


  1. I can't believe NO ONE responded to this post!!! BIG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!! : )