Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh, Rats!

I am a really good mother. No, really. Because I went on a date with the handsomest guy I know and we were about to see a WWI film (one of my favorite history subjects) and we had time to kill before the show
so I said, "Hey handsome, let's go look at critters in the pet store."
And he said, "As you wish. I am a slave to your every whim."
Or something to that effect. Ish.
And two hours later we came home to out daughters, sans WWI movie and one hundred dollars poorer.
And two rats richer.
Yes, rats.
(Just FYI, the rats were only ten bucks. It was the cage, food, toys, bedding and accessories that did us in)
But they are the cutest, nicest little rats you ever met.
And my children have been the happiest girls ever since. Happy, happy, rat-owning girls.
They watch t.v. together. They snuggle together. They make toys for their rats. And feed 
goodies to their rats. And take their rats outside when the weather is nice. 

I don't know what those city folks are complaining about.
These little creatures are delightful. Best infestation I've ever had.
Hands (paws) down.


  1. Unfortunately (or maybe not depending on how you look at it) I can never come to your house again.

    You think I'm kidding.

    luvs, aby

    1. Okay, I promise to lock them up in the laundry room when you come, but really? Those little, friendly fur balls are scary? I just can't see it. They never bite and they are so gentle. But we'll pretend they're not here when you come.

  2. Imagine if you will, we suddenly decide that tarantulas are our pet of choice. And we describe holding them, letting them crawl all over us and all over our floor. I KNOW you are cringing. Get it now???

    I still luv ya all. But I don't know, it's gonna be tough to walk through that front door knowing that the thing I hate the most is right underneath me and could suddenly come scampering (ugh) with it's tail dragging behind (double ugh) around the corner (now I'm close to puking).

    The kids, and I'm sure it's because of my severe aversion, hate rats too - especially Capri. I'm sure however, that Oz would love them. He being an insane lover or all animals, no matter how insane THEY are.

    Good news, I'm halfway through your book. I know I'm slow, but there's been a lot going on and I am a slow reader in general. I know, you've been waiting on pins and needles for me to finish. Wink, wink.

    luvs, aby

    1. oh no, that is so sad. I had no idea you were terrified of them. I thought you were just mildly disgusted. We will keep them far away from you and you won't see them. They are secure in their cage.

  3. A girl after my own heart! They look adorable. That would certainly earn me the mommy of the year award, but would not be appreciated in the husband department...

    Do they have names?