Friday, August 26, 2011

They wear helmets!

Before we even get started, here is a freebie just to make you smile.

You're welcome.
Just remember as you read the post- helmets.

Now, let's get down to business.
Due to the dust and debris filling my home for most of the last two months I have either been too tired and busy to blog, or just couldn't find my computer. Or an outlet to plug it in. Serious sorries. So I have to play catch up now.
On the last Saturday of summer we decided to celebrate by throwing the Cowgirl up a tree.
What could be more fitting for our nature loving, half monkey child? She took a climbing class where she learned to get herself thirty feet up in a tree without assistance.

And then hang upside down.
ummm, yeah, no comment.

My sis-in-law, the Crafter, thinks I have a death wish for my little girl. Between letting her jump fences on a horse and ride with the Artist on the motorcycle and dangle from little ropes... she makes an argument. But I promise there is nothing nefarious going on.
A helmet.

All's well.

Anyway, I consider this on the job training. Someday when she is sitting in a tree for three weeks to get a four second shot of a Mongolian lemur, or riding a moped through Nigeria, or taking a camel across Egypt on assignment for National Geographic, she is going laugh to herself and say, "I am all over this."

Cheers to all the incredible adventures of youth!

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  1. And cheers to you for feeding her free-wheeling spirit!