Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm doing the alone dance!

I have a whole other post about the Dancer's first day of preschool and my hilarious ability to botch almost anything, but the pictures aren't loaded yet, so let me just fill in briefly.

I am alone.
Can you understand exactly what I am saying? (if you are a mother, you get it)
Alone. In my own house.

The Dancer is at preschool.
The Cowgirl is in third grade.
And I have graduated to being a mother with three hours in the morning.

Which will be a lot more fun next week when I can reclaim my house.

Oh, what's that, my friend? You want to know what happened to my house.
Let's go back to the beginning. Thirteen years ago I fell in love with an artist. And two artistically minded people joined in a common cause to overcome ugliness- let's just say it's not always pretty.
We just keep doing it! We keep deciding that we can just make one little improvement.
And before we know it- well, see for yourself:

A few precious days ago this place was still recognizable as a home.
And I had a sink.
And a refrigerator.
It was a special time.
I just couldn't leave well enough alone.

But speaking of alone- I am!
I took a victory run this morning (I'm sure my panting didn't look too victorious, but trust me, I felt it on the inside) and when these three golden hours of aloneness are over, I'm looking forward to some golden hours of togetherness.
Balance is a beautiful thing.

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  1. Don't even whine. I'm so insanely jealous about the home improvements, I refuse to listen to any complaining. If you get tired of your extreme makeover mess, feel free to come hang out in my ugly, unimproved house.