Wednesday, August 3, 2011

coloring books

Yesterday the Dancer came up behind me with a blanket thrown over her shoulders and said three little words that made my skin crawl.

Mommy, I'm cold.

blink. blink. crickets.

It is a 106 degrees outside. At night we get down to a refreshing 95 degrees.

With dread I reached out and touched her head and found just what I thought I would find-

a fever.

Unwilling to be left out, the Cowgirl conjured up a fever several hours later and we had a puke party all night.

Bring your own bucket.

So today I am filling bottles with sprite, bringing them long sleeves.
Then short sleeves. Then that silky nightgown. Until we puke on the silky nightgown and go back to long sleeves.
I was sitting at the table, trying to figure out what to do since I already washed every sheet and towel in my home and both girls were napping, when I realized that I was coloring ladybugs in my daughter's coloring book.
Sixteen of them.
Eight purple ladybugs.
Eight blue ladybugs. (those were the only markers sitting on the table)
So why do you have to know about my ladybug coloring?
Because now you are as bored as I am.
And I feel better knowing that.

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