Monday, August 29, 2011


So, I don't like mosquitoes.
Or spiders.

Or bedbugs.
Or ticks.

So I have a love hate relationship with the great outdoors.
I love the great outdoors!
I hate the stuff in the great outdoors.
So once I see one too many creepy crawlies I retreat back inside my home that is sprayed for all bugs every three months.

I feel safe here.
But Saturday I opened a window to let in some gorgeous fall air and there was an explosion of
buzzing and flapping wings. I apparently scared this big boy. And he in turn scared me.

And delighted the Cowgirl. Once the initial scare was over, and I knew it wasn't a rabid bird, we caught him and took some good looks before we set him free. Don't ask me how he got in the house. I am perplexed.
But glad.
Some unpleasant surprises are really lovely.

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