Saturday, August 6, 2011

History, laundry and sick kids

So I still have two little sickies.
Five straight days of fever and (there is no good word for puke) other symptoms.
I have been washing the sheets on every bed every day. (when you're sick fresh sheets feel so good!)
I've washed the towels every day.
I wash the pillows and the blankets and anything else that isn't permanently adhered to the walls or floor.
And today the girls each hung out in their sleeping bags watching movies.
And I was looking at those sleeping bags and the bad little voice on my shoulder said, "just roll them up and put them away. No one threw up on them. You won't use them again for months."
And I was tempted because I am practically doing laundry in my sleep.
And if you think I'm kidding- I dreamed about laundry last night.
It's a new personal low.
But then my college history professor showed on my other shoulder and I could hear him teaching about sending blankets infected with smallpox to decimate native populations.
Audible Sigh.
So if you stay at my house and I offer you sleeping bag, don't worry.
What's two more loads?
Maybe tonight I'll dream of dryer sheets that smell like a meadow full of flowers.


  1. You're way better than I. I wash sheets once after the kid has been sick and then pretty much nothing else gets washed. Small pox, here we come!

  2. Missed you at church today. Can't wait to hear you teach RS!! Hooray!

    I, too, wait until everybody is better before I wash the sheets. In fact I give it an extra day to make sure I'm not going to have to wash them twice.

    Hope you guys start feeling better. The weather is supposed to be cooler this week.