Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- Do It Tapper Style

Make your bed and love it!

I am a self-admitted linen addict. I try to restrain myself, but I think a beautiful bed transforms four walls from a room to an environment.

So how do I keep it easy and affordable?

I start with a blank canvas.
I love white because it looks so clean and inviting. (and is so darn bleach-able)
I use white sheets and found a white quilt and shams on Overstock for $50.
It is a great way to get started.
But, boring right?
So enter some easy layers.
I put a duvet cover over a down comforter and fold it at the end of the bed along with shams.

Getting better, but still lacking, right?
Layer #3 is some non-matching, but complimentary, pillows and a throw.
I emphasized non-matching, because that starts to feel boring. Mix things up.

So, it's no Martha Stewart, but it feels pretty good to see it every time I walk into my room.
But what about the days when I need a change and the Artist would sell me to the highest bidder if I started all over and wasted all that money when the bed looked "perfectly fine as it was"?
Well, I take a shortcut and just buy a new duvet cover on major sale.
Then I keep the bones, and just change one thing and Wa La!
Like magic, new bed, new room! Tapper-Style.
And no one sells me to the highest bidder. So we are all happy.

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  1. It DOES look nice. Well done. Question: how long does it STAY looking like this? At the House of Phogles, making my bed pretty and inviting is tantamount to hanging a neon sign that says "JUMP ON THIS!" or "FREE PILLOW FIGHT AMMO HERE!"