Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ow. Ow. Ouch and Ow.

Guess what happens when seven girls and one boy take a pontoon out for five hours on a 100 degree summer day?
No, just guess.
Yes, a whole lot of fun. (that's a given)
No, I'm not talking about the girl who lost her drawers when the tube went flipping.
(Oh good heavens- I will never stop laughing over that one)
I'm talking about the Sunburn!
And the aching muscles. (we all just had to learn how to kneeboard)
So today three adults, three teenagers and two little girls looked like we were rehearsing for geriatric school when we hobbled into church.
Eased ourselves into the pews.
Shifted slowly.
Jumped when the Dancer (who wore less sunscreen than all of us and still walked away without even getting a tiny bit pink) tried to climb onto our laps.
Lots of wincing.
Lots of slow movements.
Lots of smiles when we spontaneously remembered one teenager surfacing holding her bathing bottoms and laughing as hard as we were. (This is a PG post and a PG vacation. No one saw anything. But her predicament left me gasping for air)
You know, I always complain that my daughters are shaving years off my life.
Yesterday, I think one of my favorite girls put a solid year back on.
Thanks for the laughs, Gorgeous.
So tomorrow when I can sit here without making a full array of noises (ooohhh. ouch. yikes. yowee Batman...) I will fill in with pictures of our great Branson adventure.
I'm going to go get a little high on Aloe first.
Good times.

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  1. I knew--just from the title of your post--that you were burnt to a crisp. Ow. You better heal up before we do it all again in a few weeks. :)